Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation

SFDR compliance with asset-level, social- and environmental data insights, from your portfolio.

Manage sustainable objectives

Realistic data insights

SFDR Article 9

Trying to achieve SFDR article 9 compliance with ESG data? You can do better.

ESG ratings are highly average, proxy datasets that say nothing about your actual portfolio assets

Sustainable investments are very difficult to measure and monitor with ESG data

ESG ratings do not give you the power to pursue an active ownership and environmental stewardship

You should go beyond ESG ratings

The financial world should do with sustainability insights way better than ESG.

ESG ratings have a low validity and have in the recent period been subjective to greenwashing and even fraud. While the SFDR legislation is coming, you should avoid ESG ratings but engage with substantiated environmental, and social data. This 'better-than-ESG' data helps you with the correct metrics for your article 9 portfolio management. Avoid future legislative and greenwashing risks and start going beyond the ESG ratings today!

Data-driven guidance to sustainability with our environmental consultants.

We've seen the enlightenment of portfolio managers after being confronted with the asset-level data we build.

Some of the organisations we've helped so far

Become a real sustainable investment manager and

get valuable insights into all your DNSH and PAI; from GHG emissions to biodiversity impact

manage your investment portfolio with asset-level data and full methodological transparency

receive insights that give you environmental stewardship on asset level

become confident in article 9 or article 8 compliance

Clarity in your sustainable investment portfolio


Proposal phase

Schedule consultation, discuss portfolio goals and strategy, potential pilot project, and activate our collaboration.


Assessment framework

We build an assessment framework suitable with your portfolio and strategy and initiate assessing.


Clarity in sustainabilty

Manage your article 9 portfolio with clarity in sustainability and be SFDR compliant.


Our expert on

Let's start with a pilot project: the assessment of a single investment in your portfolio. So you can determine the value yourself.

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Start clarity in your SFDR portfolio today.

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